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We are local real estate investors that get you cash for your property and aim to make the process convenient.

We give you a cash offer, which means we do not have inspection requirements from any bank. We buy ‘As Is’ condition – so please do not worry about making repairs. We pay closing costs and there are no realtor fees. Lastly, whether you need to close in a few weeks or a few months, we are flexible to meet your needs.

Are you unsure if now is the time to sell or what all of your options are? Let us help you understand your options. If you work with us, great. If not, we still helped you understand your choices.

Own a House, Duplex, or Entire Apartment Complex?

Sell Your Property No Matter The Reason

We are Here to Help You:

Whether you want the ease and control of selling on your own timing

OR you have a specific situation that is challenging for you, we have helped lots of people through a convenient experience to sell their property to us.

Here is a list of why recent home owners contacted us.

I was unable to pay my mortgage and had so much escrow (property tax) and interest that was due. I was overwhelmed!

They worked with me and my mortgage company to get out of this house!

There were too many repairs and updates needed to the property. I thought I would update “one day”, but I never did and just wanted to move on. I didn’t have to make any repairs before closing!

A family member passed away. Probate took longer than I thought. They worked on my and my probate attorney’s timeline.

I needed to move quickly. They took the stress off, knowing my property was sold on MY Timing

I was so stressed with my divorce, but had to get my house sold fast. I needed the money and wanted to move on. They made the process fast and convenient.

I used to enjoy being a Landlord. After a few bad tenants and Covid Memoradum, I was ready to get out. They worked with me, even though the bad tenants were still in the picture. And I didn’t have to update any of my units.

Strangers – Kept Calling. Kept Texting Me.
I Wanted to work with a REAL PERSON. A local person!

We Care About Helping You

We are local and guide you through buying your property.

We also work with a local, insured escrow closing company. They make sure all necessary paperwork is completed and closing usually takes 10 minutes or less!

The closing company will get copies of the Purchase & Sales Agreement and hold the Earnest Deposit Money that we put down to show you we are serious about buying your property!

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Stacy is great to work with. She communicates well and you can tell how much she cares about helping sellers. I’ve enjoyed her and look forward to working more with her in the future. I would absolutely recommend anyone to talk to Stacy if they’re thinking about selling!

Grace Gudenkauf

How Do I Sell My House Fast In Iowa?

Fill out the Form to give us basic information. We will reach out to you and work on your timeline to make this process fast and convenient.

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We are local and want to Help

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Relax – We Will Help You Through the Process on Your Timeline

Let us buy your property with cash, ‘as is’ condition, pay your closing costs, and work on your timeline for closing

Why Work With Us?

We want to help. Even if you do not sell to us, we help you understand your options.

We are real people and local to the area

Happy to meet in person or virtually in this Covid world.

Cash offer and ‘As Is’ condition

That means we do not rely on a bank to approve us for funding or tell us which inspections (and importantly which repairs have to be done) before closing

No repairs needed

If you still have Derecho damage or have other repairs, you do not need to make any repairs. No need to update the home to market condition.

Work on your timeline

We can close quickly because we do not rely on banks for funding

Likewise, if you don’t know the timing or it is complicated when you can sell (for example, if a property is in Probate after a death), we are flexible to close when you can

Honest about our offer and try to help even in the most challenging of situations

If our cash offer works, great! If it does not meet your needs, we may have creative ways to help with your situation.

If you have more than one property or entire complexes, we are ready!

Don’t feel stuck if you have multiple properties or even challenging tenants!

Fill Out the Form so We Can Start Working With You!

We are local, real people ready to work with you on your timeline. Relax as we walk you through options and keep you updated from the time of filling out the form to the day of closing. And yes, closing usually takes just 10 minutes and you get your check!

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