How The Process Works

  • Use this site to learn about us. We are local, real people that are here to help you!
  • Fill out the form to get started. We will contact you to learn more about the property condition and your timeline.
  • We’ll send you a written, fair, no-obligation offer.
  • We close at a local reputable escrow closing company on your timeline

We help You Through the Process From Filling Out the Form to Closing

ICCR Home Solutions LLC buys houses in and around Iowa City and Cedar Rapids (and other areas too!).

We pay cash and accept ‘as is’ condition so that we can work on your timeline. We do not depend on a bank to tell us when we can close and which inspections are required. What this means to you is you don’t have to worry about inspections required by banks, extra commission and closing costs, or getting your house ready for a sale (no cleaning for showings or putting money into updates).

Tell Me Details Toward Getting my Offer:

  1. Fill out the form so we can contact you
  2. We will schedule a time to talk by phone. We need some basic information about the property, the condition of the property (anything updated in the past 5 years, help us compare to market value), any repairs/updates needed to be done by us, and your timeline.
  3. We consider a few items before we provide you with a written, no-obligation offer.
  4. A) What is the value of the property (after repairs and/or updates)? Remember to keep in mind the condition when you compare your house to those selling around you. B) What are the costs for the repairs and/or updates to bring the home to market value? C) What will it cost me to sell the property later after it has been updated? D) I need to make a profit as this is a business. I cannot break even and there is risk in buying ‘as is’. Sometimes more items needing repair pop up

What Happens Once I Have an Offer?

  • We send you a written, no-obligation offer for you to review. It will have the offer price and will include an earnest money deposit to show we are serious. That money goes to the Closing Company to be put “in Escrow” which means they hold it for you until closing. The offer also has a due diligence inspection period so we have a chance to walk the property with our general contractor. The due diligence section specifically states that we buy in “as is” condition so you do not have to make repairs. And that we pay the standard closing costs (usually a few $1000). The closing date is set based on your timeline. We put that we will close “on or before <date>”. So that way if you are not sure when you can close, it is easy to move it forward.
  • Once you decide to accept our offer, you just need to sign it. We usually send it out through email using a program called DocuSign so you can just type your signature. But if you prefer, it can be done in person or printed, signed, and emailed to us.
  • We get the signed agreement and the earnest money to Closing Company. They hold that money for you until closing, make sure all the paperwork is ready for closing, and host the closing for you to sign paperwork on Closing Day and get your check in under 10 minutes usually. We use a local Closing Company and close in person, but if you are unavailable it can be done via the mail too.
  • We schedule a walk through of the property and this also gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you have in person.
  • Did you know the title/abstract is usually the part that takes the longest for any house to close? There is a title search to identify any liens (for example, a mortgage is the most common lien on a house) and then those liens are paid off either before or on the day of Closing. The Closing Company makes sure the search is done, so no worries.
  • Closing Day is scheduled for a set time that works for you. You sign a few papers and walk out with your check. Don’t forget to leave the keys with us!

See what we can offer you for your house…